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Garden Update Final — 11/14/21 — 325 lbs. Donated

Hello Gardeners!

On our workday on 10/23 (though a bit cold and rainy), with the help of Pastor Candy, we were able to do a good amount of clean up and preparation for winter.  The last harvests were done, and we made our final donations of the season, bringing the total this season to 225 lbs. Donated.  The last few frosts have definitely zapped most things growing.  This brings our 11 year total to 7,117 pounds of produce donated to food banks in our area.  I want to say thank you so much for your help, we couldn’t have done it without you. 

During the last 11 years, I believe we had a good impact on our community, at a time when so few were thinking about gardening and having produce at your local food bank.  Over the years, more and more community gardens within cities and at colleges have sprung up, grocery stores are more willing to donate their unused produce rather than discard it.  There will always be a need, I’m just glad to know more people are thinking about this.

With that said, I have reached a point where I must hang up my shovel and rake.  The last year or so have been a challenge for me as I’ve been called on to help with some family matters.  Additionally Covid-19 has changed the landscape of the work I do, calling me to step up to greater demand as well.  I can no longer effectively carry out the duties of the garden.  It’s been a long run, and I’m so grateful for the fellowship and dedication of our gardeners.  I’m thankful for the countless hours of volunteer work they you all have done.  Together we’ve demonstrated what it means to be People Blessing People, and it was my honor to serve in that way.

I would love to see the garden ministry continue if it is able.  For that we need leadership and volunteers.  If you have an interest in running, or partnering with someone to co-run the garden, please let me know so I can pass that along. 

Below are the latest donations:

10/25/2021 – Trinity Soup Kitchen – 27 lbs.  –  Peppers, Carrots, Turnips, Beets, Cherry Tomatoes

11/09/2021 – New Bethany Ministries – 8 lbs.  –  Peppers and Tomatoes (mostly green but nice!)

Also took a load of 20 lbs. of batteries to be recycled on Friday. 



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